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At HARMONY MORTUARY TRANSPORT SERVICE, we truly believe every life deserves to be honored and celebrated. We work hard to fulfill your requests and to carry out the final wishes of your loved one.

Based in Athens Georgia, we have extensive experience with the funeral customs of most religions as well as devising more personalized services that are especially meaningful for family and friends. At HARMONY MORTUARY TRANSPORT SERVICE, we support our clients in the same way we would support our own family - with compassion and understanding.

Flower Arrangement
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Services You Can Trust

We know that losing a loved one is hard. For some time, HARMONY MORTUARY TRANSPORT SERVICE has been serving the community with compassion, dignity and sensitivity. We’re here to help you through it, every step of the way.

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Whether it’s flowers, caskets or remembrance products, we have a wide selection of objects available. Take a moment to browse through the options below, and let us know if you’d like to order or have any questions.

Flowers Candles Funeral


Our Vaults come in a wide variety of styles and materials, allowing you to reflect the style and personality of your loved one. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have or to get more details.

Flowers Candles Funeral

Transfer of Remain to Funeral home $200 

This is the typical set fee within a designated radius of the funeral home (i.e. 30 mile radius) but an additional fee per mile ($3.00 per loaded mile) outside of the designated radius may be assessed.

Flower Arrangement


We offer a large selection of Caskets, at a number of price points, which allows you to choose the most appropriate item. We know this is not an easy decision, so please ask us for more information.

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Ensuring Memories Live On

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Advanced Planning

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Grief & Healing

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Losing a loved one can leave behind a gaping emotional wound. At HARMONY MORTUARY TRANSPORT SERVICE, we want you to know you don’t have to struggle alone. Contact us to find out more about the services and resources we offer to help you start healing.

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Flowers Candles Funeral
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